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Luxury newborn photographers Sussex


Newborn Portrait sessions from £75


We provide superior quality fine art newborn photography from our home studio in Copthorne, West Sussex. We offer single sessions, mini session, or our superb value 3-shoot baby plan.


With Karen handling and posing your baby with the utmost care, as Rob takes care of the camera work, we can ensure the complete safety of your baby at all timesd, while also focussing on the very best newborn portraits for you. Safety and quality!


We accept a strictly limited number of bookings each month, so we can create a gallery of top quality newborn portraits worthy of hanging on any wall. Our bespoke products are superb quality and designed to last decades without fading.


Our digital files are full-size printable images (not the small resized files offered by some).


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– Newborn Portrait Options –

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Newborn Mini-Sessions £399


Session fee plus digital files included


Looking for an all-inclusive newborn mini-session with a fixed price and all digital image files included?


Our newborn mini sessions are shorter (up to 1 hr) and therefore include less variety than a full newborn portrait session -but your session fee includes both the session itself and a complete set of digital images at no extra charge.


This means they are perfect for customers on a fixed budget, or those who don't need a huge variety of different portraits.

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When should I book my newborn portraits?

As early as possible!


We recommend securing the booking for your newborn photography well before your new baby arrives if at all possible. We now only shoot a maximum of one studio session per day (to allow for additional cleaning and sanitizing between sessions) so our overall capacity is less than before.


But why book so early?


The ideal time for newborn photography is just 5-7 days after baby is born - or under two weeks if that's not possible.


During the first two weeks, newborns are most sleepy and happy to be posed in the super-cute poses you'll see on our website... but very soon after, they become more alert and much more difficult to pose.


It's also common for new babies to develop minor temporary skin complaints at around 2 weeks old - so it's a great idea to get your newborn portraits scheduled for sooner rather than later.

Maximum 10 bookings per month


We accept a maximum of 10 standard newborn bookings per month, with only one shoot per day (up to 2 for mini-sessions). This allows us to allocate the extensive time we need to edit and retouch every session to our very high standards.


However, this means we often have a waiting list during busy periods and may be unable to schedule new bookings at short notice - so we recommend booking early if your newborn photography is important to you.


But what if my baby arrives early or late?


This is no problem. Once you've booked with us we'll send you a link to our online booking system so you can choose the perfect date for your newborn portraits. Choosing the appointment date online as soon as your baby is actually born means there's no need to worry about having to reschedule if baby arrives early or late - so you can choose the perfect date for your newborn session.

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- Newborn FAQs -

A few of the most common questions answered...

What’s the ideal age for best newborn photography?


The perfect age for the best newborn photography is between 5-7 days old – or no later than 2 weeks old if you are unable to visit sooner. If your baby was born prematurely, please contact us to discuss your particular circumstances.


What if my baby arrives early or late


No problem: when you book with us, we’ll send you a link to our online calendar so you can book the perfect session date as soon as your baby is born!


My baby is already born – Am I too late?


If your baby is already born please contact us as soon as possible. We can't promise to fit you in at short notice, but we'll check our schedule and let you know as soon as possible.


If your baby is already 2 weeks or older, your session may include simpler poses and more dressed or wrapped images.

When can I book, how long will it take?


Newborn appointments are available Monday to Thursday mornings (mornings are when newborns are usually most sleepy). Sessions usually last 1-2 hours... but we allow up to 3 hrs in case baby needs extra time for comforting on the day - so if you have older children, we should be finished in time for any school runs & pick-ups!


How many pictures are included?


Your photoshoot session fee pays for our time and talent to take a set of beautiful images for you, but unless otherwise stated, no images or products are included in the session fee.


We'll aim to produce a gallery of at least 20 unique images for you to choose from, so you can select the images and products you love most.


Can we add parent or sibling photos?


Yes. Although we concentrate mostly on just baby, we can also include a few parent/family portraits too.

Can I buy just digitals?


Yes, of course - though we thoroughly recommend our beautiful printed products! All digital sales include high resolution (full size) digital images plus a complementary set of web-sized digital copies to match.


Do you offer home newborn shoots?


I'm afraid not. We use a wide range of props, accessories and equipment to style and shoot your newborn portraits, so it would be impossible to achieve the same quality we provide, on location.


We feel the consistent quality of our work is of the utmost importance, so all newborn portraits are conducted in our studio where we have everything we need to create the very best newborn portraits for you.

Sussex newborn photographers
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Sussex Fine Art Newborn Photography

Fine art newborn photography Sussex

About your session...


Our newborn portrait sessions are very calm and relaxed. Because we are often the first trip out for Mum and new baby, we do all we can to make everything as easy as possible for you.


We can usually get all the images we need within around 1-2 hours, but we allow up to 3 hours for newborn portraits in case baby needs extra time for feeding and comforting on the day. All you need to do is enjoy the warmth of the studio as you watch us create a gallery of amazing newborn portraits right in front of you!


All props and accessories are included at no extra charge so we can style the perfect newborn shoot for you, and we're happy to include a few family portraits with your new baby if you want those too.



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Request Your Free Information Pack!

Newborn booking form (Tave)

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Optional consultation


Pop in for a chat before booking...


If your baby is already born, then time is of the essence and we suggest contacting us to book your newborn session as soon as possible...


If your baby is not yet born and you'd prefer to visit our studio in person before booking, we're happy to arrange a short no-obligation consultation for you... just contact us and let us know you'd like to arrange a consultation before booking.


Karen & Rob. x


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Amazing Baby Photographer testimonials!


We've welcomed customers from as far afield as Dubai and even India, but most of our clients come from across the south of England.


Our clients are from all walks of life, and what they all have in common is a desire to invest in capturing the most precious fleeting moments of their baby's first days with a gallery of the best newborn portraits possible.


Read the fantastic reviews our clients leave for us!


Our customers appreciate the superb quality of the products we provide, knowing their newborn portraits are a once in a lifetime event that can never be repeated,


Our images are created to last a lifetime: not just to post a few snaps on facebook (although you can of course do that too)!

Best newborn photographers Sussex

Location and areas of coverage:


West Sussex baby photographers providing award-winning fine art newborn photography and luxury baby portraiture in Sussex, Surrey and the south.


Our nearest towns include Crawley, East Grinstead, Horley, Horsham, Redhill, Reigate, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Burgess Hill and Brighton.


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Contact info:

Baby Shoots Photography

Mill Lane


West Sussex

RH10 3HW

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