16th November to 24th November 2024

Includes 3x high res digital images & online gallery £125

This year’s mayhem begins in…


ONLINE gallery with digital download for your new Christmas portraits.

Book early – our Xmas mini-sessions are extremely popular and usually sell out fast!

A Christmas mini-session is a fantastic way to get a collection of gorgeous Christmas-themed portraits of your little ones – which in turn, make perfect gifts and Christmas cards for friends and family.

  • 20 minute mini-session
  • 2x backdrops/sets
  • All props included
  • 3x high resolution digital files included
  • Online gallery with digital download
  • Cards, images, prints and products available if required.

Karen and Rob are amazing!

They have shot my baby every Christmas and they never disappoint. 

How we can get the BEST Christmas portraits for YOU!


2x backdrops, setups and props are all included… just add kids!

All you need to do is to make sure any children being photographed are well-rested and dressed in a suitably warm/festive outfit that will work well with the colours of this year’s backdrops.

This doesn’t mean you need to use actual Christmas outfits (although you’re welcome to if you want to) but you’ll want to think warm, cosy colours and textures – reds and tartan outfits work particularly well with our darker backdrops, with lighter tones working well with our lighter setups.

When booking your Xmas mini session we recommend avoiding nap-time. Aside from that, you can leave the rest to us. 🙂


Two sets included

Once again, we’ll be offering two different backdrops for use this year to give you the best variety for your Christmas portraits.

There’s no extra charge for our second setup. So you can choose either set – or have both – at no extra charge.

We’ll do all the setup before you arrive – so all you need to do is to bring your little one, with a smile, and look forward to some beautiful festive-themed photos, ideal for Christmas gifts…

…or just for yourself!

There’s no need to return for a viewing after your Christmas mini-session. Your images will be ready to be chosen from an online gallery of around 15-20 images within 7-10 days after your session. So you’ll have plenty of time to order Christmas cards, frames or other gifts – or just to keep them as a memento for yourself!

Your online gallery includes options to download your included free images plus options to order additional images, plus personalised Christmas cards, prints, frames, canvas and a whole host of other products – simple, quick, no fuss.


If you’d like us to photograph children from multiple households during your Christmas mini-session, each household must book their own individual session… but if you select adjacent session times, we’ll be happy to include images of children from both households together.

Experience has shown us that multiple households booking a single session can lead to a somewhat chaotic session, with a negative effect on all the images taken during the session…

Staggering two individual sessions back to back ensures we have sufficient time to photograph each child properly. Then we’ll add a selection of images of children from both households together, during the overlap between the two sessions.

This ensures you get the best images and the most variety during the two sessions. Each household’s gallery will include images of their own children plus the images we take of both households together.

Set colours for 2024… tbc


Because so many of our lovely customers return for a Christmas mini session every year, we like to mix things up a bit each year…

The images shown here right now, are from our 2023 sets… but we’ll be updating these for 2024 in due course so you’ll know which tones and colours we’ll be using for this year’s Christmas mini-sessions.

Click a link, select a date…

How to book your Xmas Mini-Session

Just click the button, select an available appointment slot, and pay the session fee. That’s it! We’ll email a confirmation right away and you can look forward to enjoying some great Christmas photos of your little darlings!

Strictly limited availability

All slots are booked on a first-come, first-served basis and once they’re gone, they’re gone…

Booking restrictions;


Christmas Mini-session FAQS

Our Christmas mini-sessions are primarily designed for babieswho are able to sit up unaided, toddlers and young children.

If you’re unsure if this session is suitable for you, please contact us directly before booking.

Your session fee includes the following;

  • One 15-20 minute mini-session
  • 3x digital image files
  • Use of props included
  • Online gallery with direct download

Every session varies, but we shoot quickly to get the best variety of images we can for you in the time we have together.

After editing a Christmas mini-session, we typically show around 20 images for you to choose from.

Yes, of course.

Our online gallery includes options to purchase Christmas cards, prints, frames, canvas, additional digital images and much more.

Your session fee includes 3x digital images at no extra charge.

Additional digital images are available for purchase as follows;

  • 1x digital file £35
  • ALL digital files (plus slideshow) £125

Customers who upgrade to a full set of digital images (typically 20 images) will also receive an ultra high-resolution animated slideshow at no extra charge.

Our Christmas sets are not huge (about 1.5M high x 2m wide) so they’re really designed for just the children, and this is when they look best…

Whilst we can include one or two pictures with parents if you particularly want, you’ll need to understand that it’s a pretty tight squeeze, and you’ll need to ‘hunker down’ on the floor for this.

If you want a ‘family portrait session’ then one of our other session types will be more suitable for you so feel free to get in touch to discuss this in more detail.

If your baby is too young to sit up unaided, then he or she will need to be supported during the session.

This can be either a parent holding baby, or for older babies who are almost sitting up, we have a small ‘bumbo’ seat we can use.

However, it’s important to understand that your session may include less variety than we can offer with older children who can sit up and interact with our sets more easily.

Unfortunately, no. We simply don’t have the space to include more than a maximum of 4 children on our small backdrops at any one time.

Additionally, we’ve found that we need to keep the numbers relatively small, in order to maintain some sort of order during the course of these quick-fire portrait sessions!

We had a brilliant mini Christmas shoot with Rob at Baby Shoots Photography. Beautiful set up and the photos are fab!


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