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Where are you based?

Our studio is located in the quiet little village of Copthorne, (RH10 postcode) right between Crawley and East Grinstead, on the West Sussex and Surrey border.

Do you only do newborn photography?

Not at all... although we specialise in newborn photography and baby photography, we also offer maternity shoots, and photograph infants, toddlers and children of all ages - including family photo shoots both in the studio and outdoors on location.

Do you only offer baby photograpy in West Sussex?

Although most of our customers come from West Sussex or Surrey, they're certainly not just from our local Crawley and East Grinstead areas - in fact our customers come to us from all over Sussex, Surrey, Kent, London and other surrounding areas including overseas!

What can we do to get the best baby photo shoot?

Once you book any type of photo shoot with us, you’ll have full access to our client area which has all the tips and information you'll need to help us take the best baby photos for you.

What's included in the package?

All packages include our time and talent during the shoot itself, full use of any studio props, full retouching and editing of all images supplied, either a free viewing and ordering session immediately after your shoot, or an online gallery (depending on which package you choose). To see which particular products are included in each package, please refer to the package details directly.


When should we arrange a maternity shoot?

For the best “baby bump photos” we recommend arranging your maternity shoot for somewhere between around 7 to 8 months - based mostly on how big your bump is. We want you to look visibly pregnant, but also be comfortable in yourself.

How long will a maternity shoot take?

Because we understand that everything is hard work when you're heavily pregnant, we aim to keep our maternity shoots down to no more than around an hour - and we'll do our very best to keep you as comfortable as possible throughout your maternity photo shoot.

Does my husband/partner have to come?

No this isn’t compulsory... but if you'd like a few couple shots of both parents-to-be together, your partner is welcome to join us for your maternity shoot.

Do I need to bring props or maternity gowns?

We have a selection of specially made gowns which have been produced exclusively for use as props during maternity photo shoots, and which you are welcome to use during your maternity shoot... so all you need to do is turn up! If you'd like to bring along your own gowns and/or a few props though, you're more than welcome to do so.


What’s the ideal age for newborn photography?

Our experience has shown us that the perfect age for the best newborn photography is usually between 5-7 days old, so we strongly recommend booking your shoot for around this age – or no later than 2 weeks old if you are unable to visit any sooner.

If baby is already 2 weeks or older, we can still arrange a newborn shoot for you, but may need to adapt our shooting style to suit your baby, so newborn shoots for older babies may involve simpler poses, more wrapping/swaddling and more photos of baby awake and/or with parents.

Why so early?

After just two short weeks, your baby will be bigger, much less sleepy, less flexible, and may also develop some minor temporary skin complaints such as flaky skin and milk spots… and without a deep, soundly sleeping baby it is impossible to pose baby in the super-cute poses we know you'll love... for this reason, it’s important to book early if at all possible so we can schedule your shoot to get the best photos for you.

So when should I book my newborn photo shoot?

As early as possible! After your 20 week scan is a great time to book, but certainly before your baby arrives if at all possible: our pre-booked clients get priority when finalising shoot dates - which means we may be unable to schedule your newborn session if you haven't already booked before baby arrives.

But what if my baby arrives earlier or later than expected?

This is no problem: when you initially book with us, we’ll pencil in a rough date so we can organise our schedules – then as soon as your baby is born, we'll pin down the exact date and time for your photo shoot then.

My baby is already born – Am I too late?

If your baby is already born, please contact us as soon as possible telling us how old your baby is, so we can check our schedule and get back to you – and be prepared for a short notice appointment if we can fit one in early! If your baby is already older than 2 weeks we can still take some beautiful baby pictures for you... although these may not be quite the same style as our super-curly posed week old newborns.

How long does a newborn photo shoot take?

Ideally, your newborn shoots take around 1-2 hours… but we usually allow up to 4 hours for newborn shoots just in case baby needs extra time for feeding and cuddling between sleepy sessions.

What if my baby’s umbilical cord is still attached?

This is no problem: we can still take your photos for you, and we'll use a combination of careful posing, and retouching where needed, to hide tummy tags as much as possible.

Can we add parent or sibling photos?

For standard newborn photo shoots, we concentrate on baby alone, taking the best newborn photos we can, without other distractions... but if you'd like to include a few parent and/or baby with sibling shots, this is no problem and you'll find an option to add these when booking.


How do we view the images after our photo shoot?

Depending on which package you choose, you will either view your images immediately after your shoot is completed, or via a personal online gallery within 2 weeks of your shoot.

Do you do any retouching?

Yes indeed... in fact, we'll utilise our extensive Photoshop skills to fully edit and retouch every single beautiful photo we supply - so no need to worry about that milk spot, pimple, or patch of flaky skin on baby's hands or feet - we'll take care of all that... at no extra cost. 

How many images do you take?

With the emphasis always on quality over quantity, and producing only the very best examples of each particular pose we arrange for you, we'll typically create a gallery of around 25-30 beautifully finished and fully edited photos for you to choose from.

Can I buy the digital files?

Absolutely! however, we've found that digital images are so popular that we've included them in most packages so you don't need to buy them separately at all. However, if you have chosen to book a "shoot only" package from us, then you will still be able to add digital files sets to this package if you need to (our a la carte price list includes sets of digital images from 5 images upwards).

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes, we sell Electronic Gift Cards, which can be used to purchase any of the products or services we sell.


If you still have any further questions at all after reading the FAQs or are unsure about anything prior to booking your newborn or baby photography, we’re only a quick phone call or email away so please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be hapy to answer any questions you have. :-)

Karen & Rob. x

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