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Today’s couple from Horley, Surrey chose us for their newborn photography. This precious little baby girl is Mia Lily. Mia was so adorable. Mia was just 7 days old when she came for her newborn portraits. However, this session was a little more protracted than some. Sometimes, even with the youngest of newborns, it can take some time to get what we need. This is because baby needs to be very sleepy. That is to say, sleepy enough for us to be able to take the beautiful newborn portraits we offer. After waking for a feed, Mia decided today was the day to become very interested in her new surroundings. Consequently, she was very alert and not particularly sleepy for quite some time! Rob took some really sweet portraits of Mia while she was still awake. With newborn photography though, patience is always the key!

Of course, tiredness got the better of Mia in the end, and finally, she drifted off into sleep. When a new baby is sleeping soundly, this is our opportunity to get the best newborn photos. While they’re awake, they’re more likely to wriggle and move out of the carefully created newborn poses we encourage them to adopt. We got some beautiful pictures of Mia. Although not the sleepiest newborn ever, she always looked completely adorable!

Many, many congratulations to Mum and Dad. It was so lovely to meet you both and we’re sure Mia is going to bring you lots of joy and happiness.

If you are an expectant Mum or Dad and are considering a newborn photoshoot, we’d love to send you more details. You can receive more information and full pricing by visiting the Sussex newborn photography page of our website and requesting an infopack. You can also find further information, pictures and customer reviews on our Facebook Page. Or just drop us a line directly!

Horley Newborn Photographer Surrey