Horsham Newborn Photographer Sussex


Horsham Newborn Photographer Sussex

Today’s couple from Horsham in Sussex chose us as their newborn photographer. Our beautiful newborn girl is Grace. Grace was 7 days old on the day of her newborn photoshoot. This was a fun shoot with a few different themes included. The final image is an Irish green theme, tipping a nod to the Irish in Grace’s family. In addition to our usual newborn photos, for this shoot, Mum and Dad also requested a portrait of Grace with the family dog. Meet Pebbles!

Now, we wouldn’t usually recommend bringing pets in for a newborn photo-shoot. This is because the most important things for us are 1) safety and 2) making sure we can keep baby asleep so we can get a great set of newborn portraits! Fortunately, Pebbles was good as gold on the day of Grace’s newborn shoot. This meant we were able to pose the two together for a beautiful picture in complete safety. This image thrilled Mum and Dad! We’re sure the portrait will take pride of place on the walls for many years to come!

Grace was such a darling little baby to work. Consequently, this made our lives nice and easy by sleeping like an angel: the perfect newborn shoot!

If you are interested in a newborn photo shoot for your own baby when your little one arrives, then you can more information on the newborn portraits section of our website.