Sitter session information

how to get the best from your Sitter session

Please bring at least 2-3 changes of clothing for your baby in the styles you like most, so we can offer variety in the photos we take for you. If you have party clothes/party dresses etc… or clothing with a variety of textures (for example chunky wool textured clothing on babies can look great in photos) so please do bring them along – and feel free to add some fun props too.

Family & children’s portraits

If you’d like to include Mums and Dads for a family photoshoot, please also ensure you are wearing compatible colours to compliment at least one set of the baby outfits you plan to bring with you. We generally recommend muted colour tones that will go well together and in general lighter tones rather than dark/blacks. Please avoid strong colours, patterns or logos which can be distracting to the eye in the finished photos.

We suggest bringing a mixture of at least one set of warm, muted colours, and also a few brighter colours too.

If you’d like to include any additional personal props/hats/toys etc that you feel will enhance your photoshoot or help your child feel comfortable, feel free to bring these too and we can discuss their use when you arrive for your portrait session.

Because young babies and children have a limited attention span, we’ll have a quick chat about clothing and options, then begin your portrait session soon after.

We’ll shoot quickly when we can… so be prepared for some quick-fire set and clothing changes as we work through your portrait session, which will usually last up to an hour. Please keep in mind our ultimate aim is to keep baby happy at all costs, so we’ll be working around him or her to get the best expressions possible.

As a parent, your job will be to keep baby (roughly) where we want him or her, be at hand with any wet wipes in case of dribbles… and to help generally get baby’s attention and smile where necessary. And enjoy!

For sitting baby portraits we recommend baby is able to sit up on his or her own for several seconds without support. If you have booked a sitter session but your baby is not yet at this stage at least a week or two before your scheduled shoot date, please contact us to reschedule your shoot for a week or two later – this will allow us to get the best variety of photos for you.


A standard maternity session will usually take 1-2hrs to complete.

A maternity mini-sessions lasts 1hr.


If you have booked a standard maternity session, then yes, we can also include a few portraits with your partner included if you want to (although this is not compulsory of course).

Mini-maternity sessions are for just our Mum-to-be.

It’s not absolutely necessary to spend extra on hair and make-up for a maternity shoot (most portraits are 3/4 length or full length, so not just heads & shoulder portraits) but obviously you can if you want to. 🙂

Please keep in mind that if you have longer hair, it can often be helpful if we’re able to switch from ‘hair down’ to hair up’ during the course of your maternity shoot.

If you do decide to book a MUA we recommend completing this at home before visiting the studio. As a recommendation, we can recommend Tania Claire.

Yes, if you’re not planning to bringing a partner with you, you’re welcome to bring a friend along for moral support.

For a standard maternity session, we aim to create a gallery of around 20 finished images for you to choose from.

For a maternity mini-session, we’ll be creating a gallery of 10 finished images for you.

In order to minimise disruption and distractions, we do not allow customers to take their own pictures during our portrait sessions.

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Please park on, or across the drive in front of the gates. Don’t worry about blocking us in – we’re not going anywhere..!