Viewing & ordering session information

Information about Your Viewing & ordering session

Now we’ve edited and retouched all your images for you, the next step is to decide exactly what you want to buy from us.

If you already know you want a complete set of digital image files but aren’t interested in adding any physical products at this time, you can pre-purchase these without having to return to the studio for a viewing and ordering appointment.

If you’d prefer to view the images before making any decisions, you’ll need to schedule a viewing and ordering session with us at our home studio.

Because this is the time you’ll be placing and paying for any orders, it’s important to ensure all decision-makers are present at this session, which may take up to an hour.

Arranging a babysitter to watch little ones can also be helpful so you can really relax and enjoy seeing your new portraits for the first time.

We’ll start by showing you a beautiful slideshow of your images… and then you’ll be able to view each portrait in detail.

We know you’re going to love them!

We offer a complete range of superb quality printed, framed and digital products.

You’ll be under no pressure from us to buy any more than you want to – although after seeing their beautiful finished images, most of our clients do tend to buy the complete collection anyway!

If you’re considering any type of wall art, we can even display your images at actual wall sizes to show you exactly how your portraits will look on your own walls, before buying.

We accept payment by credit card or immediate bank transfer at the end of your viewing.

How to get the right size art for your walls

We know it’s not easy to guess how big a framed print or canvas will look on your wall at home – so we’re here to help every step of the way.

To help you visualise exactly how your pictures will look at home, our special software will show you exactly how your favourite images look in actual size framed and hung on your own walls.

We’ve found this an invaluable tool for our customers to see sizes and wall groupings before making any commitment to buy… and it’s so easy too!

All you need to do is to send us a quick snap (or several, if you’re not sure which walls will look best) a few days before your viewing & ordering session. Then we’ll take care of the rest.

Once we have your room photos, we can show any image in real size on your own walls – framed, unframed, as a canvas or even as a collection of images.

This allows you to be 100% confident that you’ll have the right products and sizes for your walls. Check out our handy guide below to see how…

Tape a standard sheet of A4 paper to the wall. This is what we’ll use to scale your images.
Back up as far as you can, so as to include furniture & room elements. This will help give a sense of scale to the final picture.
For most accuracy, take your images straight on to the wall (not at an angle). Then just send them to us before your viewing day!

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Usually, there aren’t any cars parked on the lane itself… but if there are any, then it’s most likely our house! Feel free to park across the drive in front of the gates (don’t worry about blocking us in).