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Our studio - a virtual tour

Welcome to our studio! We thought we'd share a few images of where we take all our studio portraits - and to tell you a little bit more about what we have in here, and why...


1. The Reveal Wall


Our reveal wall is where we get to show your images off, after all the editing and retouching has been finished. Here, you'll see your 20 finished images - all professionally printed, mounted and ready to go!


Our reveal wall has quickly become a firm favourite with clients, who find it much easier to visualise their images in a printed, tangible form, rather than just seeing them in digital format.


Because the images have already been printed when you come for your viewing and ordering session, many customers are able to take away their print order right there and then after their ordering session!


2. Backdrops and projector screen


We have a variety of different backgrounds to use for your baby and family portraits - and our motorised, remote controlled backdrops system means we can change the look of your background completely in just a matter of seconds - perfect for a quick-change toddler session or family shoot!


Tucked neatly away behind our backdrops, is our projector screen which we will use to show your slideshows, and wall sized portrait images.


3. High definition projector


Our ceiling mounted projector can display your beautiful portraits in full HD resolution at whatever size we want - giving us the perfect way to show you how big any image, frame or canvas will look in real size.


In fact if you send us a snap of your walls, we can even show you exactly how your images will look in any given frame... to scale... on your own wall before you commit to buying anything!


4. Props and blankets


Our props area is where we keep our most used props and blankets, within easy reach during any portrait session.


We can't keep every prop and accessory here of course (our ever growing stash of props just won't fit all in one place) but this is our "go to" place when we need our favourite things quickly!


Here you can see one of our many bowls, two hand-made baby beds, a half-moon stool we find ideal for toddler portraits, and our vintage pram prop - with a selection of our most used blankets underneath.


5. Big Bertha - our giant softbox for perfectly soft lighting!


To the left of this shot you can see our huge main lighting softbox. A softbox is designed to give a lovely soft light for your portrait photography... and the bigger the softbox, the softer the light.


We have plenty of more commonly sized softboxes... but "Big Bertha" measures a whopping 2 metres across at the front edge which means the light we get from her is exceptionally soft!


Not only that, but her clever design also features a rear-facing studio strobe inside, which creates an even softer effect than any normal softbox.


This beautiful lighting simply cannot be matched by the more common smaller, cheaper light modifiers... and means we get the most awesomely beautiful light that is just PERFECT for our baby portraits. We LOVE it!


6. Our products area


A selection of our smaller products, where you can see a variety of sample albums, heirloom print collection sets, desktop frames and birth announcement cards in the flesh.


We also have a number of wall sized framed prints, and canvas samples both inside the studio itself, and in our studio entrance lobby, so you can see the quality of the products we offer.


7. Client area


Our client area is home to a nice comfortable couch, where you can kick back and relax with a tea or coffee, and watch us "do our thing" as we pose your baby right in front of you.


We want all our clients to be super-comfortable, so we offer free refreshments throughout our portrait sessions... and our studio also has free WiFi so you can also keep track of your emails or check in with Facebook while you're with us if you want to.


8. Posing beanbag and stand


This is "where the magic happens" so to speak. Our newborn posing beanbag is used for a number of newborn portraits, and is nestled inside a specially made frame which not only keeps baby super-comfy but also helps us create those beautifully soft images with no creases or other unsightly nasties in the background.


The beanbag is easily moved when we need to create a different prop-based portrait - which leaves us with plenty of room to unroll a number of different style vinyl flooring backgrounds to ensure we get a good variety of images for you.


Here, we can see "Sibbie" our professional StandinBaby, posing nicely on our beanbag for my quick studio snap!


9. Hats, wraps and headbands


You'll find selections of hats, wraps, bonnets, ties and headbands and very cute little newborn photography outfits all over our studio - some hanging on rails, some on specially made plinths, and others tucked into drawers, boxes and crates.


Because we use a number of different styles when creating your baby portraits for you, we're constantly adding more textures, shades, colours, and styles of props, accessories and outfits.


We firmly believe there is no such thing as too many options!


If you'd like to see more of our studio, why not pop along for a chat so we can discuss YOUR baby portraits with you.


Click here to arrange a consultation or booking with us.

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