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Reigate Newborn Photographer | Today’s beautiful baby girl is Mira. Mira was 8 days old the day of her session. At times, she kept half an eye open during her shoot. If babies are settled, we still photograph them when they are awake. It can be challenging..! For the first two months of life, an infant’s eyes are not well coordinated and may appear to wander or be crossed. We photograph them yawning, frowning (love this), trying to focus, windy smiles, and of course, asleep! With some patience, Rob was able to capture an image of Mira managing to focus pretty well on his camera lens! As you can see, Mira was happy, fed, and ready to sleep but was also interested to see what was going on!

Reigate Newborn Photography
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Reigate Newborn Photographer

Someone is so pleased to be a big sister. She did a beautiful job of keeping her comfortable while we photographed them together. For older siblings, they enjoy doing this. For younger siblings, we often include them in a family photo, otherwise use a prop and have them sit next to this.

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Reigate Newborn Photographer