Surrey baby photography 6 month old Ethan

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baby photography 6 month old

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Six month old baby portraits Surrey

6 month old baby photography Surrey

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Surrey baby photography 6 month old Ethan

Today we’d like to share a few photos of Ethan – a gorgeous bouncing baby boy, who came to our studio at 6 months old for his baby portraits. Ethan is such a cute character – and sooo much like his older brother Dylan, who we also photographed for proud parents Pam and Dave a couple of years ago.

We decided to keep things very simple for today’s photos. As any portrait photographer will know, we’re often asked for portraits with a white background – and for certain portraits this can work particularly well to keep distractions at a minimum in order to really concentrate the eye on what’s most important in the picture – in this case a very cute and smiley baby boy, Ethan! So today we thought we’d share a short series of portraits taken during Ethan’s photo shoot using this very simple technique, to really show off his character as he laughed and posed for us while Dad sang his favourite nursery rhymes to entertain him(!)

Six month old babies are an absolute joy to photograph, because they’re just so cute and full of beans at this age… and they have the added bonus of also being able to sit up unaided, which helps make some amazing baby portraits! If you have a six month old baby and would like your own set of professional baby portraits taken, drop us a line or ask for a free information pack and we’ll be happy to talk through all the options we offer with you.