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Surrey newborn photographer Horley

Firstly, apologies for the lack of updates recently. We’ve been so busy shooting, that we haven’t had any time to update the website and blog! We have lots lined up waiting to show you though… so let’s change that right now by showing you a real cutie from a month or so ago!

Today’s sweet little boy is Theodore. Theodore was a little over the recommended 5-14 days when he visited the studio for his newborn photo-shoot age at 22 days. However, with a little patience and a good feed and some cuddles, we got some lovely shots of him. We also took some lovely pictures whilst he was still awake, which of course is more the case with babies past that 14-day mark. However, sleep has to happen and all little bubbas can only stay awake for a limited amount of time, so we got those sleepy shots too 🙂

We thought Theo was a dear little thing… isn’t he a cutie?

If you would like a newborn photo-shoot, we recommend booking early if at all possible. That way, we can schedule your session to take place about a week after your due date. This is the perfect time for newborn photography, and our pre-booked newborn sessions always take priority if we need to adjust your shoot date in case baby arrives early or late.

If you would like to see more of our work before booking with us, please visit the newborn photography gallery page of our website. We’ve added plenty of information to help show what we do and how we do it. We also have a complete information pack we’ll be happy to send you if you’d like more information and prices too. So just fire away and we’ll send you a copy!

Surrey Newborn Photographer Horley