West Sussex toddler photography outdoors with wild flowers

Girl in the woods picking bluebells

Toddler picking buttercups in the West Sussex countryside

Young girl in straw hat picking bluebells in the woods in West Sussex

West Sussex Toddler Photography

West Sussex Toddler Photography outdoors with wild flowers

With the sunshine finally here and we hope it’s to stay, we thought it would be nice to post an outdoor children’s portrait session.  What a lovely time of year to venture outdoors to get some natural portraits of children and toddlers since you can have such stunning natural backgrounds by using wild flowers, bluebells, buttercups and daisies.  Today’s sisters had their photographs taken in a nearby Bluebell Wood in West Sussex and then on to an open field full of buttercups.  It was a lovely sunny day and children enjoy being outdoors to explore their surroundings, assuming they can walk of course, which our youngest couldn’t just yet!

If you’d like pictures of your children / toddlers in the bluebells or buttercups, email us for a full information pack.